We are a single family office managing the private assets, investments and philanthropic initiatives of the Kutsa family.
We are a diversified group, investing in property, public and private equity, venture capital, tech and special situations. The group also runs a portfolio of global property assets. The family office invests off balance sheet on an evergreen basis. The foundation also supports various philanthropic initiatives in education, health, and the arts.
Deepak Ramachandran, Co-Chair  
Serial Tech Founder and Entrepreneur with brokerage and real estate licenses in California. He also manages a promising Ed tech startup focused on India and Asia markets. He’s a supporter of various education initiatives, sustainability and vegan / plant based programs.
Ajay Ramachandran, Co-Chair  
Serial Tech Founder / Entrepreneur who also manages an early stage venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley. He’s a supporter of the arts, and various sustainability, diversity & inclusion and climate initiatives.
Asha Kutsa, Vice-Chair
Asha is a computer scientist with a focus on user experience and business analytics. She’s a supporter of animal welfare and vegan initiatives.